Why I Became an Entrepreneur (Part 1)

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It was the summer of 2021. My daughter was almost 10, and I knew that Aunt Flo was right around the corner. I had my first menstrual period when I was 10 and was ill-prepared. I thought I was dying when it happened and wanted my daughter to feel more empowered than I did. 

So I did the diligent mommy work and bought all of the books about puberty. While the books were ok, there was something missing. Who would she be as a teenager? How would I foster her identity? Would she be a game-changing citizen of the world? How do I keep her safe? So I did something that I never thought I could do- I created the program that I wish I had for myself. With my expertise as an OB/GYN and a mother’s commitment to her baby girl, I created ✨P.R.E.C.I.S.ely✨, a 6-week virtual course for tween girls. I used the skills I cultivated in my role as an academic physician to create a curriculum that was engaging, informative, and fun. I leaned on my community and had 11 girls in my first cohort. And I confidently believe that I transformed them. 

When my daughter did have her period (she has given me permission to tell all of her business!), she wasn’t scared. She knew exactly why it was happening. In fact, my daughter was so confident about her body that she became the resident puberty expert in her class. She keeps a “period starter kit” in her locker at school. When a classmate experiences menstrual bleeding unexpectedly in class, she gives her teacher the head nod, and excuses herself from class to help out her friend. 

The impact of ✨P.R.E.C.I.S.ely✨ went beyond the 11 girls in my program. They took their knowledge and made a difference in the lives of other girls♥️. And it was all because I dared to step outside of my comfort zone and create.  

So imagine my surprise when I decided to hop back into the rat-grind of my 9-to-5…

For many women, the midlife transition is fraught with so many unknowns:

Body changes (hot flashes, anyone?!)

Emotional changes

Social strains (taking care of the kids and the aging parents)

Our goal is for you to thrive, not just survive, this midlife transition.