About Me

A native of New York City, Dr. Miller’s relatability and authenticity are the threads that bring women together.  Dr. Miller trained in psychology at Yale University and earned her medical degree from Harvard Medical school. But don’t let the Ivy League pedigree fool you. No stuffy stats here! 

As a little girl growing up in the Bronx, she learned firsthand the importance of owning your true self. She could be found holding court with the neighborhood girls, schooling them on the physical changes of their bodies. Even from a young age, Dr. Taniqua has always been committed with empowering women and girls through their pivotal transitions of puberty, pregnancy, and perimenopause.


As a teenager, Dr. Taniqua witnessed her own mother experience menopause and debilitating symptoms with little support from her healthcare providers and from her community. While she did not fully understand her mother’s experience at the time, it was a theme she saw repeated over and over again as she began caring for women in midlife- scant education, little support, and taboo over a natural and powerful transition in the lives of her patients.

Solution? Patient-centered education on perimenopause with frameworks that work. Dr. Miller’s expertise in women’s health as an obstetrician-gynecologist brings you high quality, evidence-based advice over a mimosa at your favorite brunch spot with your girlfriends. She has been recognized for her exceptional care by Atlanta magazine’s Top Docs recognition and Emory School of Medicine Educator’s Award.

She resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband, three kids and one fur baby.

For many women, the midlife transition is fraught with so many unknowns:

Body changes (hot flashes, anyone?!)

Emotional changes

Social strains (taking care of the kids and the aging parents)

Our goal is for you to thrive, not just survive, this midlife transition.