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Dr Taniqua Miller is a board-certified OB/GYN and midlife/menopause health expert committed to transforming audiences to feel empowered in their midlife journeys.

Find Your Way Back: From Burnout to a Boundless Midlife

Disrupt the Status Quo: Mitigating Bias in Midlife Healthcare Delivery

Perimenopause 101: The Top 5 Strategies to Rock Your Menopausal Transition

A 2021 Deloitte survey of 5000 working women in 10 different countries found nearly half experienced burnout and cited burnout as the leading cause of quitting. Black women who experience burnout do so in the backdrop of sexism, implicit bias, microaggressions, and overt racism. For first generation women, the prescriptive success story of “American dream” may keep them from acknowledging burnout and dissatisfaction in career. As the pressure to perform mounts, many of these high-achieving women reach a breaking point, quitting careers, adopting maladaptive behaviors, or worse committing self-harm. However, there is a way forward that allows women to work through their burnout journey and create a boundless midlife. In this keynote, participants will take a deep dive into the different forms of burnout and how they manifest. Attendees will be encouraged to name the sources of their burnout and the impact burnout has in their personal lives. Finally, participants will examine the role of self-compassion, setting boundaries, and realigning their true purpose in healing from their burnout. 

Nearly 1.3 million persons in the United States will enter menopause this year. However, equitable management of menopausal symptoms remains a problem. Most notably, African-American/Black persons in the United States are less likely to be treated for symptoms that adversely affect quality of life and have longstanding deleterious consequences on overall health. Implicit bias and racism are well established factors that contribute to these disparities.  In this interactive session, participants will examine the role that implicit bias and racism have on medical outcomes broadly and in the delivery menopausal care for Black/African-American patients. In acknowledging our own implicit biases, participants will then be presented with strategies that they can immediately implement in their practice to disrupt bias in their health practices.


1.3 million women will enter menopause each year. However, most feel unprepared for the physical and emotional challenges that may occur during their transition. Furthermore, most clinicians lack the training and expertise to guide women through these changes in a patient-centered, goals-oriented manner. In “Not Your Mother’s Menopause Talk,” menopause/midlife heath expert Dr. Taniqua Miller empowers women to embrace their midlife transition with open and honest discussion on common physical and emotional challenges in perimenopause.  She will then teach participants her framework, P.R.E.C.I.S.ely™, to help them feel confident in their bodies and empowered through their menopausal transition.

For many women, the midlife transition is fraught with so many unknowns:

Body changes (hot flashes, anyone?!)

Emotional changes

Social strains (taking care of the kids and the aging parents)

Our goal is for you to thrive, not just survive, this midlife transition.